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Connecting the World
CheckCom Mobile Software products enable you to communicate and transmit collected data to stationary and mobile electronic devices with ease

  Mobile communications
Using WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC or mobile Apps, you are able to connect with your costumers indoors, outdoors or even on the go.

  Welcome to the mobile Future
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  Our innovative, customized mobile marketing software enables businesses to reach and serve valued customers while at work, at trade shows, in restaurants or even on the go.

Using Bluetooth, WLAN, RFID/NFC or Mobile App Technology, all communications are permission based, so costumers need to agree to your terms and conditions before receiving any data.

This new, state of the art software will give you the cutting edge in Mobile Marketing.

CheckCom...your one stop software shop
  Order from your home, inside the restaurant or even on the go? – No problem, get Magic-Waiter.
This is our smart solution for your business, eliminating waiting time for you and your customers.

You are able to personalize this software with a click of a button to display your menu and track your daily sales and orders in real time. It is simple, easy to use and ready to go immediately after downloading.
No matter if you are a single restaurant or busy franchise, Magic-Waiter is designed to support all of these business models.
  This software collects and categorizes information from websites and blogs with precision and ease.

“Sildos RSS” is simple, easy to handle and as basic version free to download. Running Sildos in expert mode opens up a variety of options.

The selection of special keywords and email requests allows you to filter thru the array of news and articles online, letting you find what you are really searching for quickly - just click and go !

Sildos RSS - smart software that will save you time and money…try it today

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